Over the years we have adopted several strategies that translated into projects we worked on independently and/or in co-operation with other organizations.

Development of Infrastructure:

Capacity building:  Al-Tufula center has developed a unique approach to capacity building that is both participatory and empowering. This approach is utilized in primary training for caregivers and educators on different subjects such as communication skills, equality between the sexes, working with parents etc. Additionally, it is used for strengthening the capacities of women on business initiatives, training of trainers in advocacy and lobby, feminist research and in-service training projects.

Publications for children, parents, caregivers and educators:  Over the years, Al-Tufula center has published 20 books for children, parents, caregivers and educators. We also publish newsletters and reports that present our work, researches and professional resources which are important to share with the public.

Various developmental projects: Developmental projects are projects which utilize different strategies at the same time, such as Child-to-Child, Children's Rights, Children's literature, empowering women in unrecognized villages, equality between the sexes, working with parents etc.

Advocacy in Early Childhood:

Advocacy on the local and governmental level on issues concerning Early Childhood: Promoting early childhood in the community and changing laws concerning children's life such as introducing new laws which consider education free and obligatory from age 3 and we follow up on its implementation.

Advocacy on the local and governmental level on issues concerning Women:  Promoting women issues on the community level and changing the personal status law to enable women to use the family law beside the religious laws and changing the marriage age limit.

Advocacy on the international level: Advocacy on the international level on issues related to EECD as well as to women issues such as the CEDAW Coalition

Al-Tufula center has established a solid network on the local, regional and International level working to:

Develop Early Childhood Care and Development locally and regionally: Locally through different networks, regionally together with Arab Resource Collective (ARC).

Develop Women Empowerment locally & regionally:  Locally through different coalitions include in the past "Al Badil" and ongoing "the Personal Status Working Groups and the working group on the status of Palestinian women and CEDAW as well as the 1325 Coalition. Regionally we are in cooperation with AISHA.

Network with various sectors of our community : We network with various sectors be it community infrastructures or organizations, to accomplish change and build a better future for all.

Support Services:
Establishment of the Nazareth Nursery: The Nazareth Nursery is a daycare center which provides support for working parents (mothers and fathers)

Counseling services to parents and educators:  Individual counseling for people in need of such services on various subjects/issues.

Resource Development:
International and local resource development to support our programs.