The youth have a critical role in shaping a more equal and just society.  They have the energy and aspiration to motivate their role in achieving gender equality.  In Al-Tufula we decided to support this role and motivation by working directly with the youth to make positive social change.  

The project, Color Your Town with Life, trains 20 Arab female and male youth per year (18-21) to become leaders and agents of social change.  The project increases the capacities of these youths, increases their knowledge on various issues and provides them with volunteer opportunities to increase their network and skills. In addition, each youth leader receives support and encouragement to pursue further education.  The project supports the youths to apply their skills, capacities and knowledge by working directly with younger youth (15-16 years old) as leaders.  Together they decide, plan and implement a campaign on a social issue in the community.  The campaigns encourage processes of social, cultural and/or political change aimed at other youths in the community.  

The youth leaders come from different towns, cities and villages surrounding Nazareth.  The younger youths are from the same areas as the youth leaders.  
The success of the combined activities leads into increased participation of youth in civic society as well as great awareness about the various issues that negatively impact the community. The trainings and meetings  contribute to the adaptation of new value system based on equality and justice,  increase their critical thinking, gender sensitivity, identity while provides them with clear future vision. In addition, the educational counseling support to the youth enables them to pursue higher education opening the doors for improved socio-economic changes in their lives.