Information is severely lacking for caregivers working with children from birth to three years old, within the Arab Palestinian community in Israel as well as in the Arab world at large. We believe that the first three years of a child's life is crucial in the child's development and therefore we seek to empower caregivers, who are central in the child's life at this age, to work more effectively and consistently with them. In the past we assisted caregivers in obtaining knowledge for changing behaviors and attitudes through practice in order to make the positive change.

This resource manual is unique. There are no resources in Arabic for the practical work of caregivers. It provided caregivers with needed information both theoretically and practical. Content was gathered from the caregivers themselves during a pilot project in order to assess what's effective in the field and what is not. The manual provides information on behaviors of children and with children, communication skills, listening and negotiation skills, conveying ideas appropriately among other topics.