Al-Tufula Center continues its work as part of several networks and joint efforts in the field of early childhood. Every year, Al-Tufula participates in conferences (as lecturers and participants), study days and other activities at the local, regional and international level. Furthermore, we assist in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating different initiatives and projects.
We are committed to strengthening international networks and in advancing the joint work of civil society organizations for the benefit of Palestinian children in Israel as a priority, but also elsewhere.
Through our participation in different networks and coalitions we are able to promote visibility to our work locally and internationally.
The different networking groups we are active members of are:

Arab Resource Collective – is a non-profit organization established in 1988 by a group of professionals from 6 different Arab countries. Their aim is to develop a resource culture in the Arab World, working for health, education, communication and community development.

International Step By Step Association is an organization established in the Netherlands to network professionals and organizations working in the field of early childhood. It's goal is to promotes equal access to quality education and care for all children, especially in the early years of their lives.

Coalition of Early Childhood (National network)- The first aims at developing early childhood services for children age 3month to 3 years. This coalition is composed of 26 Arab and Jewish organizations, institutes and foundations. They include human rights organizations, early childhood organizations, Academics from the field of early childhood and some foundations working in early childhood.

Arab Early Childhood Committee- a subcommittee of the coalition of Early Childhood that addresses the situation of the Arab children citizens of Israel.
Member in the Subcommittee of Anti violence that was established by the High Follow Up Committee which aims to prevent violence in the Arab community in Israel. This group has 23 representatives from organizations, institutions, municipalities, Arab political parties and Knesset members.