Written by: Hanan Karkabi-Jaraisey
Illustrations: Reem Kundalaft
Publisher: Altufula Center – Nazareth Nurseries

This book talks about combining the food a child eats along with the routine and feeding habits of a child, through the popular song: “Saada, Saada, the Monkey”… and the foods mentioned are popular traditional Palestinian foods which we are used to, and which have sentimental value to us.
This book deals with the child’s daily and repeated trials of food in the second year of his/her life. We see the child “diving” into the food, using all of his/her senses, and with much enjoyment, while the happy “Saada” accompanies him/her on this journey of food.
In this, the child assures us of his/her independence, and that he/she is quite capable of eating alone.
The writing is poetic and full of movement.