The action-based approach, which Al-Tufula Center has effectively adopted and promoted, is a prominent strategy in the realm of adult empowerment, particularly within Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD). Recognizing that adults, particularly women in ECCD roles, possess a wealth of life experiences, values, and inherent knowledge, the center moves beyond conventional pedagogies. Rather than viewing adults as passive recipients of information, the approach leverages their unique perspectives, drawing from both their cultural heritage and contemporary insights. This method challenges the traditional hierarchies of knowledge, which often prioritize academic insights over experiential wisdom. By fostering active participation and facilitating critical interactions between heritage knowledge and modern advancements, Al-Tufula's action-based approach not only recognizes the profound power and knowledge within each individual but also creates a harmonious blend of past and present, ensuring a holistic approach to ECCD. 

Empowerment in ECCD: Rediscovering Heritage through the Action-Based Approach