The lack of support resources for Kindergarten teachers working with children from ages 3-6 years in the Palestinian society in Israel is very evident in the field of ECCD. Al-Tufula through its network discovered that there are KG teachers who are initiating some pedagogical initiatives without been able to share them with others due to cost factors of publishing the ideas. These initiatives are well documented by the KG teachers themselves and have been successful in working with children. Therefore, we worked closely with the educators utilizing an Action Orientation methodology and we collected and documented the different pedagogical initiatives developed by the educators and proven in working effectively with children. These initiatives were then published in a form of a kit and disseminated to the Early Childhood Educators to be utilized as support references.

The following kits have been published (in Arabic):

  • Plants and Identity
  • The Wheel
  • Story Telling
  • Water
  • Me and My Town
  • Amman Kit 

Journey to Creation: A Summary of the project that led to the Plants and Identity Kit