The Nazareth Nurseries Institute (NNI) is a non-profit voluntary women's organization.  The NNI was established in 1984, by a group of Palestinian women citizens of Israel.  This group has been working to develop suppport systems for women and to empower women in the Palestinian society in Israel.  By providing these women with alternatives, it enables them to develop their capacities in society.

The NNI consitutes two entities - the Nazareth Nursery established in 1984 and Al-Tufula Center established in 1989.

At the center, we have targeted our work to two major groups we believe are some of the most important in making social change, these are children and women. Our aims are twofold (i) to improve the Early Childhood Care and Development and (II) to support women and to provide them with opportunities to utilize their full capabilities, since to date they lack sufficient opportunities.

In our current patriarchal society, the role of ‘motherhood’ is considered to be the most important role for women. This has resulted in exclusion of many other opportunities for women, particularly in their development and participation in roles outside of motherhood. Therefore, it is quintessential for us to concentrate our work on providing women with opportunities to enable them to make choices and to support them in their choices whatever these may be. In addition, our work includes making social change in order to achieve balanced roles between men and women particularly in parenting as well as encouraging a system of dual support for both men and women.

Needless to say, these fundamental social changes require many years and much work in various areas and at different levels.
The two areas we concentrate on, Early Childhood and Women are inter-related. By providing better early childhood care and development, we hope to foster improved development and education of these children.

This we expect to benefit and impact at three levels,
1. Immediately improve childhood experiences
2. Alter expectations of the role of women in future society as these children grow into adults
3. Provide current mothers with childhood care, as a means of providing opportunities for women for further development and to function outside of the motherhood role.