The organization is comprised of Board members, Center Director, full and part time staffs, Support staff as well as volunteers.

The center sets a practical example of non-hierarchical model where staff meetings, planning, implementation and evaluations are made collectively and democratically. It is a learning organization with constant support to one another.

Board Members:
Darawshi, Samira- Chairwoman, Nazareth.
Jahshan, Georgette- Board member and authorized signatory, Nazareth
Warwar, Siham- Board member and authorized signatory, Nazareth
Nemer, Audette- Board member, Nazareth
Helo, Rana- Board member, Nazareth
Nakhle, Aida- Board member, Nazareth
Zayad, Naila- Board member, Nazareth
Sarsour, Yusur- Board member, Nazareth

Center Staff:
Espanioly, Nabila - Center Director, a Psychologist (MA) with extensive experience in Education and Women's Empowerment
Abu-Kershein, Samar - Facilitator, BA in Social Work, Education and Sociology 
Azaizy, Samar – Project Coordinator,  BA in Social Work 
Barghouti, Rawia - Diplom in Accounting
Jabaly, Reem, Project Facilitator, BA in Social Work, Certification in Facilitation, MA in Clinical Therapy
Haj, Nuha- Project Coordinator, MA in Management of Alternative Education
Karam, Gosayna – Resource Development Coordinator, BA in Arts: Sociology, Statistics and Psychology
Nassar-Helo, Yola - Administrative Assistant, Diploma in Arts
Rohana, Sana – Project Facilitator, BA in Social Work, Certification in Facilitation
Ziad, Suheir - Administrative Assistant -

Support Staff
Espanioly, Hala -Research and Counseling, Ph.D. in Education
Jarjoura, Katy - Music Therapist, MA in Music Therapy
Karkaby-Geraisy, Hanan - Educational Counselor (MA)
Majlee, Ibtehaj - Women Councelor
Abu Hanna, Hisham – External Accountant
Abu Hanna, Walid -External Auditor