There is a clear lack of resources in the field of Early Childhood in Arabic and that are culturally appropriate. Most of the resources available are either translated or imported.

In the past, the Musharaka coalition adopted Al-Tufula's early childhood newsletter "Sawa" and produced a collective newsletter "Hamset Wassel" (Whispering Contact). The five members of Musharaka contributed to this newsletter in planning, implementation, evaluation and dissemination.
This newsletter is particularly notable because it is the only professional newsletter dealing with ECCD in Arabic in Israel.
Each edition of the newsletter was distributed to five thousand early childhood educators all over the country. It was and is a useful tool to advocate for improvement in ECCD facilities within the Arab public schools in Israel and to empower parents and educators as well as other community members to become involved in ECCD. The newsletter also provided ECCD professionals with a platform to share their views and experiences with the wider network of caregivers, professionals and other players in ECCD, as well as to raise needed awareness on issues related to ECCD.
Each edition of the newsletter concentrates on a specific topic in the early childhood. Below are the publications available (in Arabic only):