Al-Tufula Center

It is our mission to further and to encourage the development of a democratic and civil society.

At the center, we have targeted our work for two major groups we believe are some of the most important in making social change, these are children and women.  Our aims are twofold (I) to improve the Early Childhood Care and Development and (II) to support women and to provide them with opportunities to utilize their full capabilities, since to date they lack sufficient opportunities.  

Our vision is to reach a society that provides equal opportunities for all its members such that it depends on all its members and their capacities.

Our decision to focus our work on Early Childhood and Women was based on the lack of development of capacities and support in these two fields. We don’t believe that these are the only two fields that need development, but we firmly believe in trying to breach these gaps in our current society, by providing a preferable state for our children and women for generations to come.